All Natural Remedy For Hiccups

Let’s face it, we all get the “hiccups” and doesn’t it seem like everyone has a different solution to make them go away?

What many do not know is that the all-natural herb “cardamom” is actually an anti-spasmodic and can help get rid of hiccups. This also applies to other involuntary muscle spasms, like stomach and intestinal cramps.

So next time you get a dose of the “hiccups,” try this all-natural remedy. Whether you try crushing some cardamom up and putting it in water or other ways, Eco-Savy highly recommends it! Better, yet try this yummy “rose meringue” recipe.


Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

Ever wonder why wine has that magical ability to reduce stress & lower blood pressure after a hard day?

So many of us hold so much stress in our bodies throughout the day, often causing our blood pressure to spike. Even worse is that it can be hard to find way to get rid of this built up stress naturally. New research however, is showing that it might be easier than you previously thought. All that is required in reaching into your fridge for some GRAPES. grapes and stress -

The University of Houston’s new research study suggests that grapes themselves may reduce stress and thus blood pressure. There study involved rodents, who were fed a grape-based powder drink for two weeks. The results were really surprising because the mice had fewer blood pressure spikes when compared to those that just sipped on water.

So what’s so special about grapes? Samina Salim, Ph.D (study author) says that “oxidative stress in the body may contribute to anxiety and grapes’ high antioxidant content may have a protective effect”.

To learn more about natural remedies to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in your body check out an earlier article posted by Eco-Savy on Anti Inflammatory Foods. 🙂