Organic Labelling – What Does It Really Mean?

We have all seen that “USDA Organic” label on our food products, but what does it really mean anyways? If you look for one thing on an organic product, LOOK FOR THIS LABEL!  Indeed, this is the MAIN “organic” label you should be looking for when buying organic products because a lot of the other ones don’t follow as strict of standards and can even sometimes be fake (i.e made “by the company” themselves) and are used just as a marketing tool but not follow any sort of regulations or guidelines.

Below you will find an info-graphic on what it means to be “USDA Organic” certified.

Key pointers here are to watch for the “wording. For example, “100% organic,” “organic,” “ingredient panel only,” and “made with organic ingredients” all mean different things.  Additionally, when you see fruits and vegetables that are organic, this means they have been grown without (1) pesticides (2) synthetic fertilizers (3) sewage sludge (4) genetic modifications and (5) ionizing radiation. Furthermore, farm animals (i.e. organic meat) are raised without (1) antibiotics (2) growth hormones and (3) non-organic feed.

USDA Organic,