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Eco-Savy.com uses affiliate programs for monetization, which means when you click on links to various merchant sites that I recommend in my articles and make a purchase, this can result in a commission that is credited to this site.

Some affiliate programs and affiliations include Amazon.com and Clickbank.

I have chosen to only recommend products in my articles that I use or have thoroughly researched. My credibility online means everything to me, so I take my responsibility as an affiliate marketer very seriously. I also DO NOT do any paid reviews.

OK, now for the legal gibble gabble…

Even though I stand behind everything I promote, Eco-savy.com and the owner (Sara Bonham) assume no liability for products purchased outside of Eco-Savy.com.

I know that sounds harsh, but it’s just legal speak. 😉 My integrity means everything out here and I would not personally refer you to garbage.

Third-Party & Sponsor Ads

Text and Image ads that appear on the left and right columns (and occasionally near the bottom of some pages) are sponsor ads by Google AdSense (they are labeled with “Ads by Google“). Eco-savy.com does not personally endorse the products and services advertised in these ads.

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