Secret Harmful Chemical In Your Hair Products

Let’s face it, most of us choose a specific hair product because we believe what it claims to do wonders for our hair? …AND, if it’s says “natural” it will most definitely give us that extra push to purchase this magical hair potion. However, more often than not these words are just “marketing-fluff” and you will need to read the ingredient lists. This goes for natural products too, as more times that not that “green tea extract” is 100th on the ingredient list!

Harmful Chemical In Personal Care Product

I know, I know, you don’t have time to read through the 40 chemicals listed on the back on a product. This is why I am here! You really only need to scout the label for a few products and the main one is called “cyclopentasiloxane“.

Harmful Chemicals In Personal Care

 What Is “cyclo-penta-siloxane”?

Cyclopentasiloxane is part of the “siloxane” chemical family. However, this one in particular is also referred to as “D4″ by health Canada. Another harmful siloxane to watch out for is called cyclotetrasiloxane (D5)..but this one isn’t found as frequently in products.

Why Avoid Buying Products With Cyclopentasiloxane?

Not only is this chemical prohibited on Health Canada’s Cosmetic Hot List, but has been found to be carcinogenic in multiple scientific studies.

The European Union also has classified cyclopentasiloxane (D4) as an endocrine disruptor, based on evidence that it interferes with human hormone function,[i] and a possible reproductive toxicant that may impair human fertility.[ii]  Additionally, Environment Canada is in the process of restricting siloxanes, but it could take years to do the screening. Best to just avoid these products all together.

Where Else This Chemical Be Found?

Personal care products are just one of many products that contain cyclopentasiloxane. The chemical can also be found in deodorant creams, cosmetics and facial moisturizers…yikes!


[i]DHI Water and Environment. Study on Enhancing the Endocrine Disrupter Priority List with a Focus on Low Production Volume Chemicals. Revised Report to DG Environment. Hersholm, Denmark: DHI, 2007.

[ii] European Commission. Regulation (EC) 1272/2008, Annex VI, Table 3.2. Sep 2009.

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Benefits of Detox Tea’s versus Energy Drinks

Obviously many people these days love to have an energy drink for many various reasons whether it be before or after working out, getting energy for that long
shift of work, or if its just one of those days you need a little bit of a boost.

detox tea verus energy drinks

However, their are some disadvantages of energy drinks that we should all consider now and again. For starters, they contain a very high caffeine content with close to 300 mg per serving.  This is enough caffeine to cause serious headaches, insomnia, nervousness, increased blood pressure ad disrupted sleep patterns as described by The Medical Journal of Australia in August 2012.  Secondly they contain a very high sugar content with most containing up to 35 grams of sugar per serving.  The recommended amount of added sugars per day is 25 grams for women and 37.5 grams for men so consuming this amount of added sugars drastically increases your risk for obesity and even diabetes.

Have no fear though, there are many alternative, fantastic options on the market!

Ultra Slender Tea eliminates harmful toxins from your body, restores your system to the way it should be operating, and contains the extra energy benefits
of an energy drink!  Not to mention it acts as a powerful weight loss alternative. Ultra Slender Tea contains Burdock Root, Licorice, Cinnamon, Rooibus, Dandelion Root, Fennel, Anise Seed, Juniper Berries, Coriander, Cardamom, Black Pepper, Sage, Cloves, Turmeric.  All of these ingredients have many, many benefits which would be too lengthy to write about here but they are listed on their website here. The Anise Seed, Ginger, Coriander act as excellent energy boosters in this fantastic tasting tea!


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5 Unexpected Super foods that Promote Beauty and Health


Summer is such a special time of year. Flowers are in bloom, the fruit taste 10 times better (or at least in Canada), people are outside more and new energy can be found to make healthier choices in their  diet and lifestyle.

Let’s face it, after that long winter we could all use a little tune-up, including our eating habits. It’s the perfect time of year to add a few new options into your diet and gear your body up for the beach. So seize the opportunity and make some simple dietary changes in your life.
These five simple, unexpected super foods should help gear your body up for spring and promote health and beauty:


I bet you weren’t expecting cabbage to be on this list! Did you know cabbage contains 11% more vitamin C than oranges by weight? Vitamin C is the super anti-aging nutrient that helps heal damaged tissues and minimize deep lines.
Humble and inexpensive, cabbage perfectly exemplifies that Beauty Foods don’t always have to be exotic, rare or even partially beautiful themselves. Cabbage contains the magical skin beauty triumvirate of vitamins A, C and E. Furthermore, the high vitamin A content in is useful for smoothing skin lines. Lastly, the combination of sulfur and vitamin C gives cabbage potent detoxifying qualities.

download (1)


Did you know raw apple cider vinegar is a natural antidote for acne? This is because of its strong antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Furthermore, it promotes the growth of probiotics, which further helps to get rid of acne.

download (3)

Apple cider vinegar can also act as a strong digestive aid, helping to cure constipation and stimulate stomach acid, thus aiding in digestion. Another added bonus is that it helps balance the yeast and bacteria in your body which deed off sugar, consuming it and helping alleviate sugar cravings. Lastly, the vinegar is loaded with nutrients as it contains potassium and many other trace minerals and elements.

Not sure how to eat it? Apple cider vinegar is great in salads (dilute in a spray bottle and spray over salad), or if your are brave, try diluting one tablespoon in a glass of water and drink it twenty minutes before your meal.

3. Walnuts

Walnuts are something I have recently discovered and are super good for your heart. You really only need a quarter to a half cup to start feeling full. Not only are they high in omega-3s, but new research has suggested that the omega-3 ALA may help heart arrhythmias, and a 2006 Spanish study suggested that walnuts were as effective as olive oil at reducing inflammation and oxidation in the arteries after eating a fatty meal.

4. Celery

Celery is an undervalued vegetable. It is loaded with nutrients and contains almost no calories – one large stalk has maybe 10 calories. Celery is great because it can lower your blood pressure, 100g contains about 8% of your RDI of vitamin A (great for your eye health), it aids in digestion because it’s high in insoluble fiber, and it even lowers your LDL (bad cholesterol). One Chicago University research study showed that just two stalks of celery a day can reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) by up to 7 points.


5. Matcha

Matcha is a high-end type of “green tea” that has the most incredible health benefits. If you’re not drinking matcha green tea yet, you’re behind the times! You must try this metabolism-enhancing, stress-reducing, immune-boosting, cholesterol-lowering, teenage-mutant-ninja cancer fighter!

What makes matcha more healthy that other types of green tea is the fact that you are actually drinking the “ground up tea leaves” themselves – instead of just the antioxidants etc. from the steeped tea.

How healthy may you ask? Let’s just say Matcha green tea possesses an antioxidant levels 6.2 times that of goji berries, 7 times that of dark chocolate, 17 times that of wild blueberries and 60.5 times that of spinach!

If you’re worried about the slightly bitter taste of Matcha, why not try consuming it in a flavoured form? You can by strawberry flavoured Matcha at the store. Otherwise, we highly recommend Ultra Slender Tea’s Green Detox tea – it’s amazing!

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. Hopefully these super foods provide you with an extra hop in your step this spring, giving you a boost in energy levels and health.

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Silly Putty Chemical Used In Fountain Soda and McDonalds Food!

Sometimes we go through life being oblivious to what’s in our food. However, nowadays it REALLY pays off to take an extra look at the label of the food product you are eating! Especially if it’s at a fast food joint.

This week I made a shocking discovery…the chemical “dimethylpolysiloxane” is being used as a food additive in fountain pop and a whole slew of fast food here in North America.  Just today, I found that it is in Filet-O-Fish at McDonalds, Crispy Chicken Strips, the McChicken, the White Meat portion of Chicken McNuggets, Hashbrowns, their Fuitopia Strawberry Passion Awareness,  Fountain Diet Coke, Cinnamon Melts, French Fries, their Blueberry Pomegranate Smoothie Fruit Base, and Mango Pineapple Fruit Base..if you don’t believe me check for yourself right here.

Surpringly, PDMS has only been allowed in food since 1998! (16 years).  Basically, the FDA’s decision was approved five years after a request by Dow Corning – a manufacturer of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) – had formally sought approval. Ironically, that same December 24th, 1998, the FDA’s decision on allowing use of PDMS in human foods, also allowed the direct use of Formaldehyde (at concentrations not exceeding one percent of the weight of the PDMS) as a “preservative agent in defoaming agent containing dimethylpolysiloxane”.

PDMS is viscoelastic, meaning that at long flow times (or high temperatures), it acts like a viscous liquid, similar to honey. However, at short flow times (or low temperatures), it acts like an elastic solid, similar to rubber. In other words, if some PDMS is left on a surface overnight (long flow time), it will flow to cover the surface and mold to any surface imperfections. One of its more famous uses, is in Silly Putty!

So what is so concerning about PDMS? Well when subjected to higher temperatures – it degrades into compounds that include Formaldehyde, which is a widely recognized cancer-causing substance.

So the next time your at McDonalds, Wendy’s or getting fast food…read the label! Your body will thank you for it.

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Shocking Effect Sitting Has On Your Health

Did you ever think that chair you sit in at work for endless hours could pose a significant threat to your health and fitness? Guess again.

According to a poll of nearly 6,300 people by the Institute for Medicine and Public Health, it’s likely that you spend a stunning 56 hours a week planted like a geranium – staring at your coputer screen, working the steering wheel, or collapsed in a heap in front of your high-end TV. And it turns out that women are often more sedentary than men, since they tend to play fewer sports and hold less active jobs.

Sitting and Diseases

When you sit for a long time, your body starts to shut down at the metabolic level, says Marc Hamilton, Ph.D., an associate professor of biomedical sciences at the University of Missouri. So when muscles- particularly the big ones that are designed for movement, like those in your butt or legs – are immobile, your circulation  slows and you burn fewer calories. As a result, key  flab-burning enzymes that break down triglycerides (a type of fat) start switching off! What more, if you sit for a full day, those fat burners plummet by 50%!

A Unique Temporary Solution Lies In A Tea

Well, let’s face it, if your stuck sitting in the job you have all day and don’t have time for a few walking breaks a day, we found a temporary awesome solution -tea!! One great option is to have this tasty tea called Vein Vanish“. Don’t let the name throw you off. It contains key ingredients such as Hawthorn Leaves which promote circulation in your legs; reducing blood clot formation and spider veins. It’s 100% natural too and contains yummy anti-inflammatory ingredients such as cinnamon, rose, safflower, ginger and cloves! You can buy the tea on Ultra Slender Tea’s website by clicking here.

vein vanish - may final


Another option is to buy a “standing desk”. I know, I know sounds strange but they are becoming more and more affordable. Check out this option from Kickstarter.

Does Exercise Even Help After Long Hours Sitting?

Shockingly, we have become so sedentary that “30 minutes a day at the gym may not do enough to counteract the effects of eight, nine, or 10 hours of sitting”, according to Genevieve Healy, a research fellow at the Cancer Prevention Research Centre of the University of Queensland in Australia. This is one big reason why so many women struggle with weight, blood sugar and cholesterol woes despite keeping consistent workout routines.

Shocking Research

One very interesting study conducted by Dr. Healy and her colleagues , found that regardless of how much moderate to vigorous exercise participants did, those who took more frequent breaks from sitting throughout the day had lower MBIs (body-mass indexes), slimmer waists and healthier blood-fat and blood-sugar levels than those who sat the moist.

In another extensive study of 17,000 people, Canadian researchers drew an even more succinct conclusion: The longer you spend sitting each day, the more likely you are to die an early death – no matter how fit you are! Yikes!

At the end of the day, if exercise isn’t an option there are plenty of solutions. As previously mentioned Ultra Slender Vein Vanish Tea will help increase blood flow throughout body (especially legs), or you can try buying an exercise ball to sit on, or even a stand up desk. At night, limit TV time to two hours a day or less. Better yet, watch it from a treadmill or exercise bike.

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