Healthy Snack Ideas

After much research on searching what people in Canada and the USA are searching for online (in terms of organic/health/natural products) the answer became very clear. Consumers today are looking for “healthy snack/breakfast/lunch ideas”!!

The problem today, is that there is just soo much information on bioproducts and organic health products, that it can be really overwhelming to piece everything together. Once a week, eco-savy will be posting health meal ideas for you and your family and tips on great products.

Healthy Snack Idea- Seaweed!

Below you will find an infographic on a great “healthy snack” that most people enjoy while getting sushi, but don’t know how to enjoy it much beyond that – IT’S SEAWEED. You can purchase seaweed at your local grocery store. Eco-Savy recommends “Natures Emporium” as the best place to buy organic seaweed.