Sleep and Weight Loss

Did you ever think that the more you sleep, or stick to a particular pattern, the less you will eat?! I sure didn’t!!

New research by Dr. Scott Isacc, indicates that people who sleep two-thirds of their usual amount (five hours instead of eight, for example) eat an average of 549 EXTRA calories the following day. THAT’S A LOT!!


Experts believe that getting too few Z’ a night can actually upset the balance of appetite regulating hormones. Specifically, “resistance to leptin-a hormone that regulates body weight – increases, which levels of ghrelin, a hormone that signals to your brain that you are hungry, also increase,” says Dr. Isaacs, author of Hormonal Balance: How to Lose Weight By Understanding Your Hormones and Metabolism. (Side note: I highly recommend the book! It is soo informative and fully of incredible scientific research that makes sense to everyone!..I posted the link below if you are interested in purchasing it. It is written by a doctor too, so it has more credibility!!!)

Great Weight Loss Plan Book

This just shows how your body is willing to work WITH you when it is used to a particular pattern. Indeed, according to Dr. Isaacs, just a “small change in your sleep schedule can make a big difference in your health.” Not to mention your ability to BURN MORE CALORIES.

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