Eating Out and Portion Sizes

As much as we all try so hard to stay on that diet, reach that goal weight, or just try and live a more health-concious lifestyle, we all stop for fast food or need a “dinner-date-night” time and time again.

So often we go to the restaurant and think – “THIS MEAL COULD FEED A FAMILY OF FOUR!” I remember being at one restaurant in Ohio (USA) once and they asked me what “THREE SIDE DISHES” I would like with my chicken. I was in absolute shock and disbelief. Coming from Toronto, where you only get ONE side dish, this was crazy to me.


Shockingly, portion sizes have increased FOUR TIMES since 1950! This is primarily in the USA/Canada though (for those reading this blog in different parts of the world- you’re the lucky ones) . Along with this statistic, American’s are on average 26 pounds heavier!! YIKES!!

So next time you go to the restaurant, try splitting a meal or eat half and take the rest home. 🙂 Or even better, order a salad as a side dish.