How to Increase Metabolism

Increasing your metabolism can be a lot easier than most would think, and it doesn’t involve taking a bunch of supplements and weight loss pills. The food you eat plays a major role in your metabolism!! For example, did you know that studies have found that drinking three glasses of green tea a day can reduce body weight and waist circumference by 5% in three months as well as increase metabolism (note: Green Tea Benefits. net is a great resource if you want  to learn more about green tea). green-tea-how-to-increase-metabolism

First and foremost, it is important to understand that though diet and exercise play a leading role in losing fat and maintaining a healthy weight and metabolism, your genes are a bigger part of the supporting cast. Unfortunately, it is possible to eat like a guppy but grow bigger than a beluga. However, fortunately new research shows that lifestyle plays a much bigger role than previously thought.

According to Dr. Oz’s book called “You on a Diet!” he referenced a study where two people with the same genes (twins) that were raised with two different lifestyles and on two completely different diets only show 30% of the same propensities for gaining weight -i.e. the other 60% you can CONTROL!


Genes don’t just dictact how you metabolize fat-they help dictate many of the things regarding why you put on fat -like the cravings for certain foods or the way you cope when you are stressed. This is where family ties come into play and whether or not the homemade cream sauce has butter or olive oil in it.

Even more interesting is that the choices you make in terms of the food you eat can turn on or off specific genes. For example, grape skins turn off the gene that makes an inflammatory protein that ages your arteries. Also, breakfast eaters are on average thinner than those who skip breakfast because they keep their metabolism genes turned on; this means that the calories are more likely to be burned off before they can turn into fat.

Protein is very good because it appears to increase ones body temperature  and thus burn more fat/increase metabolism. In fact, for every one degree increase in body temperature, there is an increase in ones metabolic rate by 14%.

Below is a list of foods that will help speed up your metabolism. Dr. Oz’s new book also mentions that “tumeric” has been show to play a role in aspects of weight management- we highly recommend getting it in the form of an herbal tea (much more pleasant!).  Also red pepper, is not listed below but research shows it does help to increase metabolism.

Hot to Increase Metabolism


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