Eating For Energy

Isn’t it odd that cancer hospitals never existed before 1904 (the first was the American Oncological Hospital) and that nowadays the American Cancer Society tells us that 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women are at risk of developing cancer in their lifetime!

Have you ever noticed that wild animals do not suffer from obesity, cancer, or the other disease that now plague humans? These beautiful animals are as nature intended – healthy, fit, and suited for survival. And guess what…that’s what nature has intended for you as well.


But what is shocking and downright sad is that when animals are taken from their natural wild habitats, and domesticated, they begin to exhibit the same symptoms and diseases that effect most humans. Have you ever owned a pet that was put down because it suffered from “human” disease? I know many people who have. It’s not right. Not for a dog, cat, nor for you and me, either!

There is obviously something we are doing and eating that is creating disease instead of promoting health and vital energy!

Wouldn’t you rather eat as nature intended for you? Your body was created to eat natural whole foods, preferably in their raw living state — not as cooked foods that are void of nutrients, enzymes, and life energy!

Eco-Savy highly recommends the program “Eating for Energy“. Eating for Energy will show you how to transition from a dead food diet into a way of eating that incorporates more alkalizing, enzyme-rich, energy producing raw foods.

The difference between dead and living foods can easily be seen in the following 2 kirlian photographs. The one on the left is of raw organic broccoli. Notice the energy emanating from it. Conversely, the broccoli on the right has been lightly steamed for just 1 minute! Notice the drastic reduction in energy or life force.

Considering that we are physical beings with undeniable energy properties, which broccoli would you rather feed your body? Having said that, there’s nothing wrong with eating cooked foods on occasion. But for ultimate energy and health, raw foods should make up a greater portion of what you eat.

One of the Most Powerful Nutrition Programs Ever Developed on Boosting Your Energy and Enjoying a Life of Vitality!

With Eating for Energy, you’re about to discover what might be the most powerful energy-boosting raw food diet ever developed. It’s a similar approach to simple and natural nutrition used by the healthiest people that inhabit our planet including the Hunza of the Himalayas and the Tarahumara of Mexico (both of whom live well above 100 years old in great health).

It is also used by many celebrities to help them lose weight and reach single digit body fat levels. But most importantly, the raw food approach you’ll learn about in Eating for Energy is so straightforward, powerful, and simple that even applying just 10% of its principles will change your life forever! I guarantee it.

You don’t have to be stranded on a deserted island, have access to millions of superfood ingredients, or be a raw foodist for this raw food diet to work for you. If so, that’s great but that’s not intention with this ebook.


Eco-Savy guarantees within a matter of days or a few shorts weeks of reading Eating for Energy:

  • You will have more energy than a toddler on a sugar high!
  • You will lose fat permanently without wrecking your metabolism!
  • You will look 10 years younger and make cosmetic models envious of your glowing skin!
  • You can eat more…yet, you won’t want to!
  • You will overcome crippling “bad” food cravings and finally be in control of the foods you put in your body!
  • You will know more about how to eat healthy than most nutrition professors!
  • You will slow the aging process, live longer, and rarely get sick again!
  • You will feel so much better about yourself and have unstoppable confidence to live your life to the max!
  • You will have more physical strength, stamina, and vigor!

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