Healthy Snack Ideas

After much research on searching what people in Canada and the USA are searching for online (in terms of organic/health/natural products) the answer became very clear. Consumers today are looking for “healthy snack/breakfast/lunch ideas”!!

The problem today, is that there is just soo much information on bioproducts and organic health products, that it can be really overwhelming to piece everything together. Once a week, eco-savy will be posting health meal ideas for you and your family and tips on great products.

Healthy Snack Idea- Seaweed!

Below you will find an infographic on a great “healthy snack” that most people enjoy while getting sushi, but don’t know how to enjoy it much beyond that – IT’S SEAWEED. You can purchase seaweed at your local grocery store. Eco-Savy recommends “Natures Emporium” as the best place to buy organic seaweed.


Yoga For Beginners

Yoga is so good for your health and makes you feel great!

Here at Eco-Savy, we post so many things about chemicals to avoid and products, BUT it is equally as important to be “active” as part of your healthy lifestyle regime.

Did you know that worldwide 300 million people do yoga, and only 20 million people account for this in Canada and the USA. However, it was also found that 18.3 million people in the USA are interested in yoga, but haven’t perused it. So why not start today?!

yoga poses 1


Is Chai Tea Good For You?

So many people’s favourite tea is the “chai latte” from Starbucks, but is chai tea really good for you? Well, obviously not the latté syrup but regular chai tea (from a tea bag) IS VERY GOOD FOR YOU!

chait tea

Chai tea is essentially black tea but with additional spices/ herbs and milk. What many do not know though, is that black tea is very good for you… and with the added benefits of the spices in chai tea, it makes for a very healthy tea! If you want to read more about the health benefits of black tea, refer to our earlier article here.

Black Tea Benefits

black tea benefits

Overall, black tea is rich in antioxidants, after all, it’s a cousin of green tea- specifically catechins and polyphenols. Antioxidants prevent free radical formation and cellular damage. If you read Eco-Savy’s article on Black Tea Health Benefits, we even referenced study that correlated women drinking black tea to a lower risks of ovarian cancer. Furthermore, black tea lowers cholesterol and is thus good for the heart.

Chai Tea  Health Benefits

CHAI TEA FOR HEALTH On top of the black tea ingredients in Chai tea, there are a series of series of spices, which are also very good for you. These spices include ginger, cloves, fennel seeds, allspice, cardamom and  black pepper. Overall these spices help stimulate and support digestion, calm the stomach and combat nausea and diarrhea. Chai tea’s herbs also help with reducing inflammation in the body (i.e. the ginger does this). Also, an added bonus is that chai tea has less caffeine than coffee! Having chai instead of coffee provides health benefits and satisfies the taste buds.

Below you will find an infographic of the benefits of chai tea’s spices for your health.

Is Chai Tea Good For You